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Night Vision's Top 5 Walker & Royce Tracks

   As many of our readers are already aware, we are putting together a big show on December 18th. The show, ‘Home for the Holidays’, features two massive headliners that we are very excited to bring to Edmonton. The first, Cyril Hahn, may be a familiar face to some of you, but if you're yet to have been enchanted by his music, well… Just you wait. The second headliner, however, is a duo that, despite a string of massive releases over the past few years, still remain rather underground in our scene. 
   Walker & Royce, from Brooklyn, NY, have created quite a lot of buzz around the Night Vision HQ over the past few years. We thought the best way for our fans to get to know them a little better, and to better understand why we are so unbelievably stoked to host these guys, would be to make a list of our favourite releases by the dynamic pair. In order of release date, (because picking the best release of their best releases is like picking between tacos or pizza... Impossible), we present to you...

Night Vision’s Top 5 Walker & Royce Tracks!  

The first song to make the list is arguably the release that put the duo on the map. Coming out on Damian Lazarus’ Crosstown Rebels imprint in 2012, 'You’re Not Welcome’ features brooding synths, a spooky bass line and haunting vocals that really stick with the listener. 

Walker and Royce - You’re Not Welcome [Crosstown Rebels] 

The second track that makes our list is ‘A Perfect Sound (featuring Louisahhh!)’, released in 2013 on Jaymo & Andy George’s label, Moda Black. The track has a really compelling arrangement of soft pads, dirty synths and an undeniably funky bass line. 

Walker and Royce - A Perfect Sound (feat. Louisahhh!) [Moda Black] 

 The next selection is a 2014 remix of ‘Swim in the Night’ by Soft Touch. What draws us to this song right off the hop is that crisp, thumping kick drum. Immediately grabs the listener's attention... In come those soft synth notes and the plush vocals and you're sold. Despite the velvet features that ride the top, the track develops around that thumping, head-bobbing bass line. Total package right here coming in at number 3 on the list. 

Soft Touch - Swim in the Night (Walker and Royce Remix) [Dither Down]

The title track from the duo's 2014 Moda Black EP was a statement, for sure. Walker & Royce really let the world of dark house and techno know that they meant business with this one. It was a huge underground hit played by everyone in the scene, and awarded the lauded 'Essential New Tune' title from Pete Tong. The track contains a monstrous song-driving bassline that's both wonky and hypnotizing and goes so well with the simple yet intoxicating vocal. Number 4 on our list, ‘Sister’. 

Walker and Royce - Sister[Moda Black]

The fifth and final selection for the top 5 is a track released this year, again on Moda Black, but this time it’s a remix of Groove Armada’s song, ‘Get down’. They called it ‘Walker & Royce Meltdown Remix’ because that’s exactly what it feels like when the song comes through the breakdown and into the last drop; a full system meltdown... Truly a dizzying thumper of a tune that goes off wherever it’s played. Bonus: This video is almost as trippy as the song! 

Groove Armada - Get Down (Walker & Royce Meltdown Remix) [Moda Black]


Thanks for reading our fan boy literature! That was not an easy list to make! These guys have a lot of hot tracks that could have made the cut.  We hope hearing these picks will help you better understand our love for this dynamic duo, and hopefully it inspired you to come see them in person on December 18. Come find us all in the front row during their set! 

To send you off here's one more tune, a runner up that we just couldn't leave off the list. This release came out late this summer from Pets Recordings, the label run by Night Vision favourites Catz n' Dogz. The song features a dubbed out, bouncy bass line with cheeky, chopped up vocals. One more little taste of what these guys are going to be bringing 'Home for the Holidays'. 

Walker & Royce - Seventeen [Pets Recordings]

Written by Fathoms, AKA Lukey Baby, AKA Lucas Nielsen
List Curated by The Night Vision DJ's