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Night Vision's Top 10 Must-See Acts of Shambhala 2016

Do we really need an introduction here? Shambhala is under a week away (ahhhhh!!!!) and it’s tough to contain the excitement, but relaxbreathewe’re almost there. In the 18 years since its first iteration, Shambhala has grown from an event of a few hundred people to that of 15000, and stands among the world’s (yes, the world’s) greatest electronic music festivals. With a wide variety of genres and styles represented across six stages, there is a taste for everyone on the menu. With that in mind, we’ve scoured the schedule and drawn up our top 10 acts that have us most tickled at camp NV. Let’s get to it!


When: Thursday, 8:00pm

Where: The Amphitheatre

First up on our list is a duo of musical savants from right here in Edmonton. Luke & Tess Pretty have been performing live together since the age of 9 and 7 respectively (wat), getting their start playing covers of old jazz records. These jazzy roots are evident in the pair’s genre-breaking productions that boast some of the most creative sound design we have ever heard (see below). Expect to hear an array of fun, bright, cute, and unapologetically weird tunes when these rising stars kick things off with their live show Thursday night in the Amphitheatre.

Justin Martin

Justin Martin.jpg

When: Friday, 10:00pm

Where: The Pagoda

You might think finding something to say about Justin in our lists year after year would get tiring, but it really doesn’t! The dirtybird star will stretch his streak of consecutive Pagoda appearances to 4 when he takes the stage on Friday night, and we couldn’t be happier to be right there with him. With his sophomore album Hello Clouds having dropped back in April, get ready to hear some of Justin’s VIP remixes and edits that he is so known for during festival season. With decidedly fewer dirtybird players making appearances this year compared to 2015’s full on takeover, Friday night will be the only opportunity to get some of that bassy, San Francisco sound in ya. Don’t miss it!

Roni Size & Krust

When: Friday, 11:00pm

Where: The Village

If you’ve been up on our last few Shambhala “top acts” lists, you’ll know that we always recommend a good dnb sesh in the Village. This year we have our eyes firmly on the men behind Bristol’s classic jungle/dnb label ‘Full Cycle Records’: Roni Size & Krust. After closing shop in 2009, the pair have re-launched the label in 2016 with their Formulate EP serving as its first release in 7 years. While Roni Size is perhaps best known for the light and jazzy “Brown Paper Bag”—a track he composed with his live drum ‘n bass band Reprazent—we’re expecting a rowdy, high energy, festival grade set when these two step up in the Village.

Boys Noize

When: Friday Night, 2:30am

Where: The Pagoda

Restrained, muted, subdued: these are three things that Boys Noize is not. The man behind the planet’s 2nd most famous unibrow (yielding only to Frida Kahlo, naturally) has been a juggernaut on the scene for well over a decade. His Shambhala debut feels somewhat overdue, as his signature brand of futuristic techno feels synergistic with the magnificent chaos of the festival.  We are expecting one simple thing from this titan, and that is a proper rave. Can’t wait.

Nightmares on Wax

When: Sunday, 4:00pm

Where: The Living Room

It seems to have become a tradition at the living room to reserve a 4-hour slot for one of the dons of the DJ craft. In 2014 it was Mark Farina’s mushroom jazz, in 2015 it was DJ Harvey (or rather, would have been had he not been forced to cancel due to visa issues), and in 2016 it’s Nightmares on Wax. Get ready for that funky, blissful, beachy Living Room goodness when this Leeds vet hops on the decks. This set will also be the final destination of the Sooo WET theme camp's Hawaiian luau, so be sure to throw on your Tommy Bahama and pop by the camp at 3:30 to join the festivities!

Purple Disco Machine

When: Sunday, 9:00pm

Where: Fractal Forest

Sunday is perhaps the night we’re looking forward to most here at Night Vision HQ, and it’s due unquestionably to the string of stellar house acts appearing in Fractal, starting with one of the modern giants of the scene: Purple Disco Machine. The german national seems to churn out hits effortlessly, often finding himself at the top of the Beatport charts with his deep-funk stylings. The man has become a darling of both the mainstream and underground alike, and we have no doubt that he’ll leave a lasting impression on the funkizens of the Fractal Forest. 

Felix Da Housecat

When: Sunday, 10:30pm

Where: Fractal Forest

The first of back to back DJs to represent the city of Chicago in Fractal is another veteran of the house scene: Felix da Housecat. He is best known for his cross-over hit with Miss Kittin “Silver Screen (Shower Scene)” which showcases the electro & disco leanings that we expect will light up the forest. We’re preparing for an upbeat set, situated perfectly between the deep vibes of Purple Disco Machine, and the raucousness of the artist that follows…

Green Velvet

When: Sunday, 12:00am

Where: Fractal Forest

The term “legend” gets tossed around quite a bit in the promotion game, so much so that it is not unwise to greet the term with a healthy degree of skepticism. While the distinction is very much subjective to the person assigning it, let me tell you here straight and true: Green Velvet is, objectively and quantitatively, a god damn legend. His signature half-sung, half-spoken vocals featured in nearly all of his tracks reflect an auteur’s understanding of not only dance music, but the culture around it. While often quirky and silly, he never crosses over into cheesiness, which is a feat that can only be accomplished by a man with an acute sense of self-awareness. tl;dr, he just knows what works. I could go and on about he has an equally lauded career as Cajmere, or how he has a degree in chemical engineering from the University of Illinois, or how he literally doesn’t age (he’s nearly 50! what?) but I’ll restrain my rabid inner fanboy and leave you with this: you can’t miss this set.


When: Sunday, 12:30am

Where: The Grove

One of the things we look forward to most at Shambhala is discovering the new additions, makeovers and changes to the grounds every summer. In only its third year since the Labyrinth underwent its metamorphosis and became the Grove, Shambhala's newest stage has easily become its most beautiful. Everything about it is warm, earthy and rooted in nature. From the decor to the music, the Grove embodies calm, good vibes. Like Bonobo last year, we expect Emancipator to complement the stage immaculately with his organic, mystical soundscapes. Expect more feels than whomps at this one, all of it emanating crystal clear from that world class Funktion 1 rig.


When: Sunday Night, 4:30am

Where: The Living Room

No doubt you've heard enough of our praise for this guy this summer. He blew up the Bower just last week, he brought in the sun at Bass Coast, and he's set to do it again at the Living Room come Monday morning. There's no better way to begin closing out the festival than with 4 hours of bliss, dancing to the sunrise on the beach.


That's it that's all! Everyone have a wonderful trip down to the farm and if you wanna come say hey to the gang, you know where we'll be throwin' down!

Written by Malcs.

Thumbnail photo credit: @joeyrootphoto (Instagram)