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Night Vision's Top Slots At Bass Coast 2016

Here at Night Vision, we are massive fans of Bass Coast Electronic Music and Arts Festival. The grounds are immensely serene, situated in a gorgeous valley just outside of Merritt encompassed by a low, winding river running through the grounds. That’s merely where our love affair with Bass Coast begins. This festival also has some extraordinarily designed stages, and a lineup that is fine-tuned to create an infectious vibe. Babe Coast is also home to the most groovy, stylish, sexy dance floors we’ve seen in all our days. Trust us… we’ve seen a few!

We thought we’d share some of the highlights of the schedule that you’ll find us shaking our butts to. So here it is, in no particular order, some of the artist we are most hyped to see this year. We give you...

Night Vision’s ‘
Holy Shit That Bass Coast Lineup Is Crazy!’ List


&ME -

What a treat. Kicking off our list is an act that effortlessly blends killer sets that range from deep and dark to ethereal and trippy. This is going to be a hell of a set that leaves us all slack jawed. Fingers crossed for a live rendition of Trilogy with Sabota! Have a little taste of his refined style in this brand new mix for the Keinemusik Radio Show. 


One of Night Vision's festival favourites. He closed Bass Coast’s Radio Stage last year with a set that ended up lasting almost five hours. This year he’s taking on sunrise once again at the infamous Slay Bay stage. The man is an absolute wizard at dawn; he creates one of a kind vibes with his signature tribal sound. We are major fan boys of SABO over here and we’re stoked to be bringing him to the Bower again soon. We simply can’t get enough of this guy. Here's a recent radio show spot he did that really gives a taste of that sunrise SABO sound.

Leon Vynehall -

We don’t know if ‘psyched’ can aptly describe our feelings about this unreal booking. This is going to be 2.5 hours of breezy house music magic that you will see us at from front to back! His latest album is already shaping up to be one of the finest releases of the year. In fact, we have been rinsing nearly the whole album in our recent sets. Leon just makes smooth, sexy music. And Bass Coast have placed him in an epic sunset Slay Bay slot. Can’t wait to see the smiles on this dance floor. This is going to be a party. Here's a track called 'Blush' from his album that was featured in our latest podcast

Ardalan -

Obviously! We love Ardy. His sets are a lot like him - reeaaaallly fun! We’ve brought him to Edmonton on a few occasions now and you can bet we will again because the vibe is always on point. His Main Stage set at last year’s Bass Coast was an absolute blast, and this year he’s closing it out. The guy is just a beacon of good, fun lovin’ energy. We are confident he will deliver, yet again. Here's our boy ripping up the Dirtybird Campout last summer. 

Roman Flügel -

This is another booking whose set we are almost salivating for. Roman Flügel is a veteran German producer who influences a lot of the sounds in our crew. His tracks are full of thumpin' basslines overlaid with soft chords and dizzying percussions and his sets are very dynamic; we know he’ll take us for an epic ride at the Radio Stage on Friday night. Oh man… We actually can’t wait for this! Check out this set from Dekmantel, it's a doozy. 

Max Ulis/Sabota -

Who could forget Max’s 4 hour sunrise set last year on the Radio Stage? That was one of the best dance floors of the festival. Nothing but smiles as Max fed the crowd a balanced breakfast of sexy basslines. Sabota is Max Ulis’ other project with fellow Bass Coast team member, Robbie Slade. Their productions can be almost eerily beautiful; we love Robbie’s silky voice against the sexy tech-house sound. Their live set is not to be missed! Listen to the extremely well crafted collaboration between Sabota and &ME, 'Trilogy', right here.

Humans -

Gotta throw Humans on the list if we’re talking live sets. It’s the natural next pick after Sabota. Humans happens to be Robbie Slade’s other project, with Peter Ricq forming the other half. We’ve been on their train for a few years now and it’s awesome to see them gaining some serious steam in the last couple years. They are fresh off playing some major festivals such as Crssd in the fall and Coachella in the spring. The pair have a host of other hot bookings this summer, too. This will be a killer set for sure. Check out one of their newest singles, 'Bout Chu', below. 


Aden/Machinedrum -

This wildly talented dude is thankfully rocking two sets this year! And both are in the peak of the night. He’s got a diverse collection and, as Machinedrum, often throws a lot of different sounds into one set. One thing is always true of Machinedrum sets though, they are TURNT! Under his Aden alias, he’s more on the 4/4 tip, which obviously piques our interest over here at Night Vision. You’ll definitely find us dipping our toes into that dance floor! Here's a little Machinedrum set that shows just how easily he glides around genres.

Howl Sound -

We are stoked to see these guys play this year. Their set at Shambhala last year caught us dead in our tracks. Since then, Howl Sound have been hitting the studio a lot - and it shows. The pair have a recent release on our Night Vision Music label that we’re dying to hear on a proper sound rig. This is perfect! And they lead right into the Night Vision showcase at The Cantina. Check out their EP that came out recently on our label, it's really good!

Night Vision Showcase -

How could we leave this off the list!? Of course, what excites us more than anything is being able to share our sounds and our vibe with the Bass Coast people! We actually could not be more proud to represent our city and our community. Getting to play for this crowd will be a real thrill. We’ve got NVS, Trevor Oslo, Adam Johan, Dailey, and David Luca all representing our crew and our label. You can bet that we are going to absolutely turn that party out. Do not miss it! It’s going to be Sooo WET! Here's our label's latest release, coming from Adam Johan. It's a three track EP, including a remix of the title track by Andy Caldwell.

We really have to stop there. But - because the lineup is just too good... We have a few more Honourable Mentions:

Dane, Ryan Wells, Todd Edwards, The Librarian, Sam Demoe, Pacific Rhythm, Andy Soloman, Lorne B, Sergio Levels, Jesse Bru, Essette, Tyler Stadius, KMLN, MA/AM, Body Language, Mirage inc…

Man we could go for ever, speaking volumes to the skill and intuition with which this festival is run. Some of our team has been attending Bass Coast since the first year, and many of us are multiple-year volunteers. One thing we can say for sure is, as Bass Coast gains popularity, their team remains on steady course in method, message, and movement. Can’t wait to see you out there!