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Night Vision's 5 Year Anniversary Compilation

Night Vision turns 5 this year, and to celebrate we wanted to share a selection of tunes from the crew!

Over the last five years, we've thrown over 100 events, released 20 EPs (this is our 20th release), built our own studio, and shared countless amazing moments together. We've grown as people and as a family, and this collection of tunes represents the diversity of our sound and our growth as artists over the years. Night Vision is a communal effort of 13 contributors and we're supported by an amazing community around the world that makes everything we do possible. We are so thankful for the opportunities and adventures we've had and we can't wait to continue the journey in 2018 and beyond.  

To celebrate our journey over the past 5 years, here are five songs from the crew that we think showcase the diversity of sound that we represent. 

Nick Garcia - Delamar: Nick Garcia's Delamar is a jazzy house tune with a tinge of lo-fi. Spacious guitar and dancing synth riffs create an atmospheric vibe as smooth vocals encourage you to 'get up and get down.' The track will find a comfortable home in the crates of DJs who need something downtempo and sultry for early hours.

Dunmore Park - Uber:  Dunmore Park follows up ace releases on Supremus and Grrreat Records with Uber, a funky, chopped-up number that showcases his talent at creating music that sounds like nothing else. The track's driving beat and building groove make this an excellent tool for anyone who plays a bit outside the box.

Adam Johan & Trevor Oslo - House 2 House: In signature fashion, Adam Johan and Trevor Oslo take things up a notch with House 2 House. Their contribution is uniquely rooted in the sounds of classic house, making use of a only a few main sonic elements and proving that less really is more. The guys' knocking drum groove and bright, agile synth riffs could be at home in late 80's Chicago as they are in this compilation.

David Luca & Dailey - Seven Sirens: In their first release together since 2016's Better Strangers, David Luca & Dailey keep the retro vibe flowing with Seven Sirens, a peak-time track that will tear up dance floors with its captivating arpeggios and vocals. The track's driving bass and nostalgic synth sounds bring to mind Italo-disco and 80's synth pop, though beautifully repositioned as a modern, polished DJ weapon.

Honeydripper - Dat Love: It's a major feat to sample Miss Lauryn Hill, but our newest member Honeydripper pulls it off flawlessly. A recording of the maven speaking to high school students about love is underscored by a silky-smooth downtempo beat that makes it a feel-good groover and the perfect denouement of this comp.

And there you have it! Five diverse tracks from our hearts to yours. Here's to the next five years!

Art by Jai Tanninen

Art by Jai Tanninen